From reels to special sizes... The demand of paper sector is constantly changing. Paper variances are as important as flexibility in size. Here lies another advantage offered bye Etap to its customers. No matter which size, grammage and quantity is requested for converting, our reel stocks will satisfy your demand.

High capacity... Converting machines with total capacity of 70 tons / shift sheeting concurrently  operating from four reels as per paper grammage are promtly supplying customer request  at 300 meter / minute cutting speed.

Online connection... At every stage, Etap's service quality is displayed by rapid delivery of you order through transmission of orders arriving at the sales center to the converting facility.

Zero error... Converting adjustment of products earmarked for special size is digitally made on state of-the-art sheeting machines. This ensures that sheeting precision is constantly controlled throughout the converting process by the sampling method, to achieve the European converting tolerance of (+-) 0.5 mm.

Quality control... Products cut at requested size will be individually separated at automatic banding machines by requested quantity. Following the final controls of products properly restacked on vibration desks, packaging procedures will be completed.

Delivery in palettes... Packaged paper products will be properly placed on wooden pallets to ensure safe shipments, loading / discharge and storage. This means utmost convenience both for you and your customers at delivery.

Extensive distribution network... Following up on the latest developments in the paper industry on a daily basis, Etap produces instant solutions to the demands and expectations of its customers throughout Turkey, through its professional marketing and sales team and its  branches all over Turkey.